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The chemical industry is focusing more on green logistics and stricter compliance. We have specialist skills in this challenging sector and have the reputation for transporting chemicals.

Chemical Industry


Delivering Electronic components across the UK and Europe daily. Lenyx offers transportation management solutions and lead logistic capabilities that drive the competitiveness of clients.

Electronic Industry


Many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers choose to partner with Lenyx. We successfully assist our automotive clients to overcome challenges that include exacting timelines, uncompromising quality, increasing complexity in vehicles at higher volumes and continuous cost pressures.

Automotive Industry


We offer regular distribution contracts to support our clients growth, solutions and reach within the label industry across UK and Europe.

Label Industry


Our services will enable you to get furniture from one location to another without compromising the items. Furniture cannot easily be delivered through any postal service and delivering large pieces of equipment yourself. Lenyx has experience with pick up and delivery of furniture of all shapes and sizes. We offer a fixed price quote on furniture delivery

Furniture Delivery


Whether you’re looking to move your home from the UK and Europe or relocate your business locally, nationally or overseas you have come to the right place. Lenyx transport has a specialist team to take the stress away from your Move.


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