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During our business activities we have developed a fully functional order system which is perfectly adapted to the transport industry.
With our system you can create, send and organize your individual orders.
Furthermore, you can create a complete customer and subcontractor database to which you can coordinate invoices and orders.

If you would like to have trial account or further information on our unique order managment system please contact via e-mail or call us via phone to +49 179 78 11 558

Please visit also our website



With the integrated dashboard you have a daily overview of all pending orders, these show you when and where the delivery should take place, and you can also mark already completed orders as completed.
The dashboard offers a perfect tool for your dispatchers.


In the order overview you have a complete overview of all your orders, you can sort them by date/customer/price etc. within this function your accounting department can create and send invoices.

Furthermore, you or your subcontractors can upload CMR documents and send them to the respective customer.
There are also several other functions included, which perfectly fits to your business.

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